At PCSD, we believe every child deserves a safe and inspiring learning environment. We partner with charter schools to create long-term facilities solutions aimed at dismantling systemic inequality and expanding educational opportunities in under-resources communities.

What We Do

PCSD is a non-profit, full-service real estate development firm. We offer an array of services tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each of our charter school partners.

Affordable Facilities

PCSD works with charter schools to align program needs with budgets. We know that affordable facilities are sustainable, and support high-quality schools putting more money into the classroom.

High-Quality Schools

PCSD clients are some of the highest performing charter schools in California. Having a permanent facility encourages these schools to grow to serve even more students.

Underserved Students

PCSD invests in projects where over half of the students are low-income. We believe that the key to closing the achievement gap is the growth of high-quality schools.

Total seats
School faciltiies
built or renovated
Schools outperform
local district
Million invested in
under-resourced communities

Recent Projects

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Our Partners

We work with nonprofit charter schools of all sizes — from single schools to large networks. Each of our partners shares our commitment to addressing systemic inequality in education and promoting social mobility.

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