Uncovering the World of Real Estate Development: PCSD's Recent Adventure at Lighthouse Community Public Schools

The journey for the right career path is what makes events like job fairs an invaluable resource for students. Recently, Pacific Charter School Development (PCSD) had the privilege of participating in the Lighthouse Community Public Schools job fair, where I was able to present alongside toy designer, Mr. Chip.

The focus of my presentation? Real estate development – a field that offers an incredible array of opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Whether you're starting at the entry level or aiming for the C-suite, there's a place for everyone in this dynamic industry. As I was able to highlight, you can choose to work out in the field, in an office setting, or even find a role that combines the two.

High school students, known for their candid and curious nature, were eager to engage with us. Their questions ranged from the practical, "What's a day in your life like?" to the ever-important, "What's the salary?" But it was one question that truly resonated - "Is this something you always wanted to do?" I shared my personal journey, revealing that my passion for economic development as a way of supporting the community wasn't discovered until my junior year in college. This just goes to show that finding your true calling doesn't always happen overnight, and it's okay to explore different paths.

PCSD is committed to breaking down the barriers to entry in the world of real estate development, making it accessible to all who are interested in exploring this exciting industry.