The Array of Options for Being a Lawyer

Who did you meet with today?

Today I met with Mera Baker Ramos, a Real Estate lawyer at PCSD, and Sarah Kollman who is also a Real Estate lawyer, working with Young, Minney, & Corr (YMC).

Where do they work? What does the company do?

Sarah Kollman is a Real Estate Lawyer who works at Young, Minney, & Corr law firm, which supports charter schools. Mera Baker Ramos is also a Real Estate Lawyer and an in-house counsel for Pacific Charter School Development (PCSD).

What did you learn today? What were some highlights?

Today I met with two Real Estate Lawyers and I learned some interesting things about their professions and how they are similar and different. Ms. Kollman, who works with YMC, has a different agenda and clientele than Ms. Ramos. Ms. Kollman is an external lawyer who has many clients; working as a Transactional Lawyer. However, in Ms. Ramos’s case, she only works for PCSD, as an in-house counsel.

What insights did you gain into the field of real estate development?

I gained an understanding of how being an in-house lawyer and an external lawyer work: how they manage their time and how they get paid. An external lawyer has it more difficult because their agenda has to be filled with work to get paid through billable hours , which complicates their daily life. Corporate lawyers have it easier compared to external lawyers as they don’t have to put in as much overtime.

What did you find the most interesting about the field after today?

I found it interesting that there could be lawyers for everything and anything, ranging from Art Lawyers to Court Lawyers.