Women of PCSD: Mera Baker Ramos, General Counsel

For Women’s History Month, PCSD highlighted the many extraordinary women who guide our charter school partners through the complex facilities development process so our partners can focus on what matters most – teaching and learning.

How long have you worked at PCSD?

4 years

How did you get into the field of facility development and education?

After undergrad, I worked with Teach for America in Memphis and got a chance to teach and saw first-hand the devastation of education in underserved communities. After law school, I had always been interested in real estate so I joined a firm focused on real estate finance. While there, I attended a women in real estate event and one of the fellow attendees told me about the opportunity at PCSD. I knew it was the perfect blend of real estate and serving these communities that were trying to improve education. It was by chance and through networking that I was able to find this position.

What advice would you give young women entering this field?

Be willing to put yourself out there and be assured that you are equally capable and equally deserving. Don’t sit back and think others know more. You know just as much or more and deserve to have your voice heard. Ask the questions.