PCSD’s mission is to provide long-term affordable facilities solutions to increase the availability of high quality charter schools for underserved students.

Affordable Facilities

PCSD works with charter schools to align program needs with budgets. We know that affordable facilities are sustainable, and support high-quality schools putting more money into the classroom.

High-Quality Schools

PCSD clients are some of the highest performing charter schools in California. Having a permanent facility encourages these schools to grow to serve even more students.

Underserved Students

PCSD invests in projects where over half of the students are low-income. We believe that the key to closing the achievement gap is the growth of high-quality schools.

High-quality charter schools: PCSD invests with the best non-profit charter schools in each region. PCSD evaluates potential clients based on publicly available data, such as the California School Dashboard and standardized test data, as well as client-specific data such as enrollment projections, waitlists, and board governance.

Underserved students: In each region PCSD serves, many students, especially low-income students and students of color, are not served well by their traditional public schools.


More than 160,000students in Los Angeles and surrounding cities attend schools that are failing to provide them with a quality education. (Source: Great Public Schools Now )


Fewer than 25% of Latino and African-American students in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties are graduating high school ready for college. (Source: Innovate Schools)


In Washington, African American, Latino and Native American students are scoring between 15-20 percent lower on state assessments than white peers. (Source: Washington Charters)

How we work: PCSD traditionally provides turnkey development services, in addition to project management and consulting services. PCSD oversees design, construction and closeout to ensure projects are delivered on time and budget.

  • Affordable: PCSD aims to keep ongoing facilities cost at or below 15% of per pupil revenue. PCSD leverages traditional loan financing, the bond market, New Markets Tax Credits, and state bond funds to lower the cost to schools so that more money can be directed to the classroom.
  • Expertise: PCSD has a bench of proven architects and contractors who have designed and built charter schools on time and on budget.
  • Connections: PCSD has established key relationships with public agencies to streamline approvals.