Eric Sussman

Eric is a senior lecturer in accounting and real estate at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, and has received the Teaching Excellence award thirteen times, voted upon by Anderson’s MBA students, and has also received the Citibank Teaching (1998) and Neidorf Decade Teaching awards (2008), both voted upon by a committee of faculty members. He has received recognition by Businessweek as one of the Top Ten Most Popular Business School Professors in the U.S. He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Causeway Capital’s group of mutual funds (International Value, Emerging Markets, Global Value, and Global Absolute Return Funds, which collectively have in excess of $2.8 billion in assets), and Manager of Sequoia Real Estate Partners and Clear Capital. Mr. Sussman received a B.A. Business and Economics in 1987 from UCLA and an M.B.A. from Stanford University in 1993.

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