PCSD works with six of the highest performing charter school management organizations (CMO) in the United States.

Charter schools are public schools. They are nonsectarian, tuition-free, and operate under the terms of a "charter" that sets forth the school's mission, program, goals, and ways to measure success. Los Angeles has more charter schools than any other city in the nation. Under California law, charter applications are first made to local school districts and, if approved, granted for five years, after which they are considered for renewal. Charter schools are financed directly by the state and exercise increased autonomy in return for accountability in both academic results and fiscal practices.

The following CMOs are opening elementary, middle, or high schools that provide viable alternatives for urban families that live near some of the worst performing schools in California:

More information on the statewide charter movement is also available on the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) website. PCSD has helped CCSA to enhance its website to provide facilities-related information for prospective charter school operators.

PCSD’s principal focus has been to build within the boundaries of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), though PCSD has completed projects throughout California. In 2013, PCSD began working in Washington State through Washington Charter School Development, and has built three schools to date. In 2015, PCSD formally expanded to the San Francisco Bay Area, starting with projects for KIPP: Bay Area Schools and Caliber Schools.

PCSD also provides construction management and facilities consulting services to charter schools and school reform leaders.  In particular, PCSD has served as project manager to two non-CMO educators: The Watts Learning Center and Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts. Furthermore, as of 2009, PCSD received $4 million in project equity from The Walton Family Foundation designated to be used to help create more seats for non-CMOs. We are pursuing opportunities for several such smaller, high quality organizations which deliver great educational results and also seek facilities stability.

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Our school clients have utilized our facilities to produce remarkable academic results: