Historic Project

Thurgood Marshall School, Phase II: ICEF Middle School

PCSD made interior tenant improvements to the existing building at 3500 Normandie Road, which currently houses Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy Charter Middle School, operated by ICEF Public Schools. The proposed modifications improved the space to E-1 occupancy standard and got all necessary approvals and entitlements from the City of Los Angeles Planning Department.

Construction began on August 1, 2009, as a tenant improvement under the current zoning. The work included Fire Life Safety upgrades, new sprinklers, additional restrooms, additional heating and electrical work, and an additional four classrooms. The work was completed in September 2009.

Concurrent with this work, PCSD submitted a Master Land Use Application to the Planning Department for a Zone Variance. The previous zoning for the site of the classroom building is [Q]R4-1, where the [Q] condition limited permitted uses to existing church uses. Since the school operations are no longer an accessory use to the church, we needed to obtain a Zone Variance from the [Q] condition to approve continued charter school use of the Sunday School classroom building. The variance was officially approved by the City in January 2010.

2008-2009 API: 703

2009-2010 API: 692

2010-2011 API: 699

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