Historic Project

Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts: Elementary School

The project involves interior tenant improvements to convert an existing 2-story, 45,627square foot warehouse/high-tech office building into a K-6 charter school specializing in an arts-integrated, project-based, open plan classroom curriculum. The proposed work includes Fire Life Safety upgrades, new fire-rated corridors and exits, an improved HVAC system, additional restrooms, additional classrooms and new administrative offices. Once complete, the school will house 9 open plan classrooms, 4 traditional four-wall classrooms, a visual arts and student resource center, three performance centers (theater, dance studio, and recording studio), and a teacher’s lounge, as well as an outdoor playground with a shade canopy.

2008-2009 API: 777

2009-2010 API: 858

2010-2011 API: 872

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Grades K-6


2709 Media Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Los Feliz


Franco & Associates, Inc.

School Opening:

Q3 2010