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Historic Project

KIPP Raices Academy: KIPP Elementary School

This project is located in Unincorporated East Los Angeles, within Supervisor Gloria Molina’s District (District #1). The project represents the first charter elementary school in Unincorporated East Los Angeles and the first KIPP elementary school in Los Angeles.

Surrounding land uses include a densely populated residential neighborhood, while commercial/retail uses are within proximity. Immediately north of the site is Our Lady of Soledad Church, a catholic church within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The Archdiocese retains ownership of the site and is leasing the premises to KIPP Raices.

The premises were previously utilized as a private elementary school, which closed down for several years. As such, the project scope involved the rehabilitation of the existing improvements, including new ramps, handrails, minor electrical, and plumbing, and paint/carpet. The campus opened its doors in August 2008 and serves as a temporary facility for KIPP Raices Academy, which will increase its enrollment by 100 students per year, for a total K-4 matriculation of 400 students.

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Charter Elementary


4545 Dozier Avenue, Los Angeles


Unincorporated East Los Angeles

School Opening:

August 2008