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Historic Project

KIPP LA Prep: KIPP Middle School

This project is located in the Boyle Heights Community of the City of Los Angeles (Council District 14), a built-out, bedroom community within East Los Angeles. The project represents Boyle Heights’ first middle school project in over eighty (80) years.

The project benefits from highly compatible land uses in the immediate vicinity. Properties along Whittier Boulevard are improved with mixed commercial/institutional uses, including an immediate east-adjacent YMCA. Through a model partnership agreement, the YMCA provides physical education and nutrition counseling to the charter school students. Immediately south of the site is Sunrise Elementary School, while Euclid Elementary School is just east of the subject site. Both of these schools, combined with the populace along the residential collector streets provide the school with a strong feeder pattern.

The site is 1.25-Acre and was formerly improved with a 23,000 square foot tortilla chip/food processing facility owned and operated by a successful Hispanic owned, family operated business – Los Pericos Foods. Upon relocating, Los Pericos Foods (owner) negotiated an off-market, long-term ground lease, granting the school full development rights. Through these rights, the improvements were converted into a high-quality learning environment, including 18 classrooms, green space, and administrative offices.

The school now serves as a permanent home to KIPP LA Prep.

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Middle School


2810 E Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90023


Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles


Franco & Associates

General Contractor:

Blackwell Construction

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