Historic Project

Frederick Douglass Expansion: ICEF High School

Phase II of the developed four additional classrooms, retrofitted the chapel building into an assembly/multipurpose room and delivered additional bathrooms and office space.

The charter schools now have a total of 28 classrooms in the rear building, a teacher’s lounge, a serving kitchen, an 8500 square foot multi-purpose assembly area, additional education space for itinerant programs (music, computers, art), administrative offices, and an on-site drop-off and pick-up area. All building improvements were interior modifications to the existing buildings. There was no demolition of buildings or increase in the square footage of the buildings on the site, and no new floor area was created. The existing parking area for 85 vehicles is maintained on site in a tandem configuration. Phase II of the project was completed in September 2009.

2008-2009 API: 662

2009-2010 API: 631

2010-2011 API: 685

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High School


3200 Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018


South Los Angeles


John Friedman Alice Kimm

General Contractor:

Del Amo Construction

School Opening:

September 2009