$9.6 million

to complete

Historic Project

Aspire Pacific Academy Phase I: Aspire

This project will provide a secondary school facility for Aspire Public Schools. The site is located in downtown Huntington Park just east of Alameda Street. The proposed building will create 580 seats serving grades 6-12. The building is designed with 20 classrooms and 4 auxiliary rooms as well as a multi-purpose room on the ground floor. The school will have 31 on-site parking spaces and will have a joint-use agreement with the Aspire “State School” located across 58th Street for 26 more parking spaces.

The site is currently a truck dealership and paved parking. The proposed design combines 5 lots and requires that the City of Huntington Park vacate the alley running N/S through the lots.

Note that this school is part of a larger campus, to be owned and operated wholly by Aspire Public Schools. Phase 2 of the project includes a state financed secondary school, gymnasium and soccer field opening in 2012 with 400 student capacity.

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5721-5753 Pacific Ave & 2518-2553 E. 58th St.


Huntington Park


Franco & Associates, Inc.

General Contractor:

Blackwell Construction

School Opening:

September 2010

Site Acres:

0.735, 2.8 for full campus