Historic Project

Animo South Los Angeles Phase III: Green Dot

PCSD's first project, ultimately serving 560 students of the Animo South Los Angeles High School, opened in the fall of 2005. Built on the site of a former jobs training program and a county health office, Animo South LA sits on a very attractive 2.6 acre site. Two existing buildings totaling 33,200 square feet are being supplemented by a small addition to create an academically-friendly high school campus. Phase III of the project consisted of bungalows that added up to a total of 35 seats.

2008-2009 API: 705

2009-2010 API: 691

2010-2011 API: 728

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High School


11100 - 11130 Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047


Athens, South Los Angeles

School Opening:

Fall 2005

Site Acres: