$11.2 million

to complete

Historic Project

Animo Pat Brown High School: Green Dot

This project is an adaptive reuse of a former furniture manufacturing facility. The building is 40,099 square feet sitting on 87,497 square feet. An existing 7,100 square foot butler building on the site was demolished to create open/green space.

This project is the permanent home for Green Dot Public Schools’ Animo Pat Brown Charter High School. This project opened on September 8, 2008 and houses 9th, 10th and 11th grade classes with approximately 420 students.

M1 Zone required a Los Angeles County Conditional Use Permit for E1 occupancy; CUP approval was granted by the Los Angeles County Planning Commission on March 19, 2008 for 30 years.

It is expected that this project will be LEED (“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”) certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

This project enjoys broad community support, including from local residents, the Florence-Firestone Coalition of Community Leaders, and the Second Supervisorial District of Los Angeles County.

2008-2009 API: 749

2009-2010 API: 753

2010-2011 API: 788

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High School


8255 Beach Street, Los Angeles, CA 90001


Florence-Firestone area of unincorporated Los Angeles County in the Second Supervisorial District


Berliner and Associates Architecture

General Contractor:

Blackwell Construction

School Opening:

Fall 2008

Site Acres:

2 acres