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In Progress Project

Boston Preparatory Charter

Boston Prep opened in 2004 and was founded by Scott McCue. Scott is an alumnus of the Building Excellent Schools (BES) Fellowship, a year long, comprehensive training program in urban charter school creation and leadership. Boston Prep is a high-performing secondary school, where 100% of studetns are accepted into a four-year college upon graduation, and 80% of students have graduated college or are persisting in college. 

The new school is a  three-story at-grade concrete and steel structure with a frontage onto River Street.  The building is approximately 48,600sqft (including a 7,000sqft  gym).  The school plans on relocating the 400 MS/HS students that it currently houses in its leased facility into the new building.  Building features include classrooms, cafeteria, library, science labs, teacher’s lounge with showers, a commercial cooking kitchen and admin space in the building.  The development also includes a bus pull-in in front of the school, a 55+ space car park with circulation for pick-up and drop-off. When completed, the stie will accomodate 600 students. 

The building received a temporary certificate of occupancy in May 2017 and will be completed by July 2017 in time to receive students for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

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875 River St

School Opening:

June 2016

Site Acres:


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