Our partners include the leading foundations involved in urban education reform. Since PCSD’s inception in 2004, we have received investments, totaling over $50 million in combined Project Equity and Operational Support, from the following funders to PCSD (and indirectly to benefit PCSD’s school clients):

Venture Philanthropy

These organizations support PCSD’s adherence to the “triple bottom line” philosophy embraced by some of today’s most creative and result-focused philanthropists: green, sustainable financially, and incorporating the highest possible social return on their invested dollars.


Having already arranged for the sale of most projects at cost to its school clients, PCSD has quickly been able to recycle much of the Project Equity dollars to reinvest in multiple projects. PCSD also carries every dollar of project equity to four dollars in tax-advantaged debt financing. Funders are thus rewarded by seeing a greater positive impact on communities for every dollar they contribute.

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